Kinetix & Union Avatars revolutionize avatar customization.

With avatar customisation, Users will now be able to express their emotions on their personalized 3D avatars

Sam Kinetix
April 23, 2023

With avatar customisation, Users will now be able to express their emotions on their personalized 3D avatars

Kinetix's collaboration with union avatars

Have you ever dreamed of being able to express your emotions through your avatar? Dancing, celebrating, or showing joy are some options we would love to see in our digital representation. Today we are one step closer to reaching the maximum customization level of our avatar, not only through its designs but also through its movements!​​​With this goal in mind, we are excited to announce our groundbreaking collaboration with Union Avatars, a pioneer in building 3D avatars for the virtual world, bringing the world of avatars to a new level. Through this collaboration, Union Avatars will integrate their photorealistic avatars with Kinetix’s emote technology, allowing users to choose between an expansive and unique variety of gestures to express themselves with their avatars.

Also, users can expect future developments, such as, for example, having the possibility to choose their favorite emotes while they are creating their avatars on our website and use them later in different games or platforms.

This collaboration is a big step forward in the world of avatar customization. The way we communicate with our digital representations advances with this integration of custom movement, which helps us show what we think and who we are, together with other elements, such as clothing.

About union avatars

Union Avatars is the first avatar company providing identity solutions for the metaverse, by bridging identity management with 3D virtual worlds for an open metaverse. We can build an interoperability system aimed at providing the best user experience, also reducing the friction associated with the onboarding of Web3 users.

Do you want to be a part of this significant first step toward authentic self-expression? Create your avatar with Union Avatars and start the adventure!

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