A new way of animating

Kinetix is a web platform enabling creators to turn any video into a 3D animation

More accessible than motion capture, ten times quicker than any frame by frame tool, a hundred times more friendly for creators! 


Meet our team

Yassine Tahi - CEO

After graduating from HEC Paris & Sciences Po, Yassine worked as a strategy consultant and led several projects around Artificial Intelligence.

He managed the Venture Capital program of Morocco's retirement fund where he invested in various SaaS businesses.


He is also a community builder and previously launched the Talent Summit: the biggest tech recruiting event in France.

His favorite MMORPG will always be LineageII and he will always play as a Necromancer!

Henri Mirande - CTO

After graduating from CentraleSupélec and conducting research on image recognition using neural networks at Essex University, Henri applied Deep Learning techniques for real-time animations at Dynamixyz: a leading startup in the animation industry.


He  participated in generating realistic 3D models for Dassault Systèmes' R&D department. He has an extensive experience and passion for Machine Learning and he always follows the latest research on this topic.

His favorite game is civilization where he played 2000+ hours.


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